Car insurance in Bulgaria

Car Insurance in Bulgaria can be divided into two categories – obligatory and voluntarily car insurance, respectively Third Party Liability Insurance and Casco Insurance.

Third Party Liability Insurance

The Third Party Liability Insurance is obligatory insurance in Bulgaria and you will be fined if you cannot present a valid insurance policy.

The Insurance covers the liability of owners and drivers of motor vehicle when they are a cause for:

  •  Injured or killed people;
  •  Other motor vehicles damaged or destroyed;
  •  Lost benefits directly related to the consequences of a road traffic accident.

The Third Party Liability insurance is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Before leaving the country, the policyholder is advised to obtain an International Car Insurance Certificate (known as Green Card). The Green Card is proof of a purchased Third Party Liability Insurance policy. The insurance is issued for a period of one year or less (terms & conditions apply). The price range in 2023 is between 110-180 € depending on the type of motor vehicle and the engine capacity.

To purchase a Third Party Liability Insurance in Bulgaria, a vehicle registration certificate must be presented.

Green Card Insurance in Bulgaria

Green Card insurance is an insurance certificate issued on the basis of a valid Third Party Liability Insurance. The Green Card covers the liability of the driver who has caused material and non-material damages to a third party on the territory of the member states of the Green Card System. Every driver is required to obtain a Green Card before driving the motor vehicle abroad. A prerequisite to obtain Green Card is a valid Third Liability Insurance Policy.

Casco Insurance in Bulgaria

The Casco Insurance provides an indemnity for theft, damage or full destruction of your motor vehicle. The Casco Insurance is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for a period of one year. The cover of the Insurance can be extended outside the Republic of Bulgaria. Some insurance companies include the extended insurance outside the Republic of Bulgaria as a free clause in the standard Casco Insurance policy.

You may choose to take out Full Casco Insurance that covers:

  •  fire and natural disaster;
  •  road traffic accident;
  •  impact from and/or crash into other material objects (apart from road traffic accidents);
  •  third party malicious act (vandalism);
  •  theft of the whole motor vehicle;
  •  robbery of the motor vehicle.

or Partial Casco Insurance covering only:

  •  fire and natural disaster;
  •  impact from and/or crash into other material objects (apart from road traffic accidents);
  •  third party malicious act (vandalism).

Minimal Casco Insurance covering only:

  • fire and natural disaster: fire; explosion; flooding; volcanic eruption; land sliding and ground movements; windstorm; overturning of motor vehicle or impacts by objects driven by a windstorm; heavy rains; lightning; hail; impacts by ice fragments or a large mass of snow falling over the motor vehicle; accidental impacts by objects as a result of any of the aforesaid natural disasters.

The insurance premium is set as a percentage of the insured sum. The insured sum is set by the Insurer and depends on the type of the vehicle, model, age, purpose, etc. The Casco Insurance can be paid by one-time payment or quarter installments. You may also choose the currency of your insurance.

In a case of an occurrence of an insured event

The insured person must notify the insurer within 5 working days. In a case of a theft or robbery of a motor vehicle, the insured person needs to notify the insurance company within 24 hours. The insured person is required to present an invoice from an official garage.

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