MOT in Bulgaria

The MOT test is an annual test of vehicle safety and roadworthiness. The MOT sometimes called Motor Vehicle Check or Annual Vehicle Inspection is mandatory for all vehicles which would be registered in Bulgaria. The MOT is included in our service fee of 250 € (the fee includes the cost of the inspection, the certificate and the pass inspection sticker). The MOT takes approximately 20 minutes. 

We will assist you to pass the mandatory annual vehicle inspection hassle-free.

Frequency of the annual vehicle inspection and validity period

  •  Passenger cars must pass vehicle inspection once a year.
  •  Taxi vehicles are required to pass vehicle inspection at every six months.
  •  Cargo vehicles and trucks older than 10 years are also required to pass vehicle inspection at every six months.
  •  New cars have to pass motor vehicle inspection for the first time in their third year, and the second inspection has to take place two years after the first one (after their fifth year they are due for annual inspection).

The passing certificate is valid by the date written on the inspection ticket! It is advisable not to wait until the last moment.

What documents are required to pass MOT in Bulgaria

To pass the MOT test the applicant needs to provide the following:

  •  Vehicle registration card Part I and Part II (the large and the small card), a photocopy of the large card is permitted.
  •  Third party liability insurance;
  •  If the vehicle is equipped with a natural gas fuel system, it must have a sticker “GAS” on the rear windshield (the pass inspection sticker also certifies the condition of the natural gas fuel system).
  •  Proof of paid vehicle property tax.
  •  Identity document of the person presenting the vehicle for inspection.

Consequences and Fines for driving with Expired Vehicle Inspection Certificate in Bulgaria

As noted above, the MOT in Bulgaria is mandatory and if a car hasn’t passed the annual vehicle inspection, the driver can be fined. If the Traffic Police finds you driving a car without the pass inspection sticker, they can fine you for up to 50 BGN. If the Police decides to issue you a ticket, in addition to the monetary penalty, you will have 5 control points deducted.

If your vehicle is without a valid pass sticker and it is involved in an accident, your insurer may refuse to make compensation payment under Casco insurance because of your driving a technically faulty vehicle! All Casco insurers include in their terms exceptions for driving technically faulty vehicles.

The insurer may refuse to pay compensation under the third party liability insurance to persons who suffered damages or may have recourse against you if your vehicle was without a valid annual inspection certificate. The damages could be enormous!

For more details about the mandatory vehicle inspection in Bulgaria, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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