Importing a Car into Bulgaria

A private vehicle registered in another EU member state may be temporarily used on Bulgarian roads for up to six months as long as the vehicle has a minimum Third Party liability insurance. Thereafter, you will need to register the car in Bulgaria. If the car is previously registered with a member state of the European Union or EEA, you are not required to pay import tariff or VAT. You simply need to drive the car to Bulgaria, or alternatively we may assist you to transport the car to Bulgaria. If your car is imported from a country outside the European Union or EEA, you will need to pay import tariff and VAT.

The import tariff in Bulgaria is 10% and the VAT is 20%. If the value of the vehicle to be imported in Bulgaria is e.g. 10,000 € then: Please note that VAT is not applied when importing a vehicle for personal use in Bulgaria.

The import tariff is 1,000 € (10,000 € x 10%).
The VAT is 2,200 € (10,000 € vehicle value + 1,000 € import tariff x 20 % VAT).

Importing a new car into Bulgaria

When you buy a new car in another EU country intending to take it with you to Bulgaria, you are exempt from paying VAT in the country where you bought it. You will have to pay VAT in Bulgaria where you will register the car.

A ‘new car’ means one which has been driven fewer than 6 000 km or is less than six months old.

Importing a used car into Bulgaria

When you buy a used car from a private individual, you will pay no VAT either in the country where you bought it or in your home country. If the seller is a professional car dealer, you will pay the amount of VAT applicable in the country where you buy the car. You will not pay VAT in your home country.

A ‘used’ car is more than six months old and has been driven more than 6 000 km.

You should never pay VAT twice on the same purchase

You may choose between registering the vehicle as a personal or company asset. If you would like to register your car as a personal asset, you need to apply for a Bulgarian ID card for EU nationals first. Alternatively, the car can be registered as a company asset by incorporating a Bulgarian limited company. Company formation is more affordable and flexible and it takes only 2-3 working days for your Bulgarian company to be officially incorporated.

Please note that vehicles imported from outside the EU/EEA will need to undergo a technical test in Bulgaria. Right hand drive (RHD) vehicles must have the headlights adjusted before registration.

Employing the lawyers at Bulgarian Plates, the full set of importing and registration documents will be prepared and you will not need to queue long hours at the Traffic Police Office.

To learn more about importing a car into Bulgaria, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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